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survival backpacks/hydration packs

Our survival backpacks/hydration packs are key to your survival in the most challenging of hikes or a hot Summer day. Lightweight and versatile, our survival backpacks/hydration packs keep you well hydrated and on the go!
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As serious hikers, we all believe we are in peak condition and hiking is just a walk in the woods. But lets be honest - just between us - 'peak' might be overstating our conditioning. It's early in the season and our survival backpacks/hydration packs are just what you need to prepare for the unexpected. Seriously that's why it's called unexpected! It's like packing for vacation right? Bring more than you need just in case? Well if you need those extra items for peace of mind your first few outings we've got you covered. Our survival backpacks/hydration packs are roomy but lightweight, organized and easily accessible. Pockets, lashing straps and compression straps keep your gear where you want it and allow you to add additional gear. Whats more, your gear will be clean and dry when you need it. Whether your challenge is avoiding a zombie apocalypse close encounter or poison ivy, or maybe a fellow hiker with major poison ivy who just looks like a zombie, your pack won't slow you down and with some of our packs you can hydrate on the run! Our pledge to you from BuyOutdoorSurvivalGear.com is to provide a good buying experience of a great product at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to selling top quality survival backpacks/hydration packs merchandise that will never let you down. We are here to stay and to grow, and we believe your positive experience will lead to more sales and satisfied buyers as well as your repeat business. That is our goal and our promise to you. Shop our survival backpacks/hydration packs today!