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At www.BuyOutdoorSurvivalGear.com your survival depends on your survival communication/radios to reach emergency personnel or to get the latest weather report.
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Survival communication/radio is a key component to outdoorsurvival gear whether you are a daytripper or prepper. Rain, snow or wind storms can arise suddenly and wreak havoc on the trail or campsite for the unprepared hiker. Simply knowing the type of weather forecasted can provide you with the necessary time to make preparations at your campsite. Buying the best camping radio is very subjective to one's needs. The family camper’s needs are vastly different than that of a serious survivalist who needs a hardcore emergency radio and there are makes and models to serve every camper's needs. There are some factors that every camper must consider before they purchase the best radio for their needs. Power requirements are probably the most important factor for any camping or emergency radio.

It goes without saying that a camping radio must be able to run on batteries and must be conservative on power usage. Most modern radio’s sip power if it's not loaded with a host of functions and should really be lasting a weekend on battery power alone (think around 25-30 hours).Two-way radios are handy if not necessary when camping in groups of 2 or more. Cell phone coverage is often unavailable in many camping areas, making radios the only way to stay in touch - with fellow hikers, emergency medical services, or NOAA weather information. There are very few camping radios that do not have a built in AC charger port. Although your campsite may not, a car charger or solar panel will keep the music or weather report alive.
Camping and emergency radios are very efficient on power and if you have a built-in solar panel your radio will be charged for continuous use. Not having to consider battery supplies or conservative usage of the radio may be a major factor for you. It's very common to find a crank on any emergency radio.Keep in mind however that it takes a fair bit of cranking for the dynamo to charge the battery for usage. Although the models differ greatly on this, it's fair to say that 2 minutes of cranking will provide 4-6 minutes of usage on low volume. Outdoor survival communication/radio is critical, even life-saving, when enjoying the remote outdoors. Here at BuyOutdoorSurvivalGear.com we are striving to build and expand our product line to meet your every need. If you don't see what you want, please contact us and we will find it for you.